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Familie als Generator von Geschichtsbewusstsein: Explorative Analysen am Beispiel von Familien mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund
by Fröhlich, Anna, Ph.D., Universitaet Bayreuth (Germany), 2017, 808; 27600489
Abstract (Summary)

The present work deals with the historical consciousness of adolescents, especially the identity-making part of it, and the family (in contrast to the school) as generator of historical consiousness, for adolescents with a Turkish migration background (and one family from Poland). The research study aims to characterize with an empirical study the identity-making part of historical consciousness of adolescents, especially through exhibiting group memberships and their functions. Furthermore subjective significant functions of history and the transfer of history should be analysed and the intrafamiliar and in-school transfer process with respect to contents, mediators, the way and the purpose (functions) should be described. The empirical study is based on theories about identity, historical consciousness and mediation of family and school (among other theories the ones by Straub, Haußer, Keupp and Tajfel and Turner, whereas I deliberately also used general theories of identity or Assmann’s theory about “collective memory”). Also empirical studies, which are used as a basis and also as an opportunity to compare, deal in one or several of the topics. Of central importance are studies about historical consciousness and mediation by family or school (for example the one of Kölbl, Welzer and his colleagues or Georgi). Most of the presented studies are working with interviewed persons with migration background. Most of the studies in the Germanspeaking area are limited to the history of the Second World War. I consciously do not use this limitation. From the English-speaking area further studies by Epstein, Seixas and Wineburg and his research group are used. Especially concerning history and the mediation of history in school, however, the transferability to the German research area is clearly limited. The data of my empirical study were gathered via interviews and one group discussion with adolescents and their parents with Turkish migration background (and one family with Polish background) and evaluated by using the “Documentary Method” and the “Grounded Theory” referring to Strauss and Corbin. Concerning the identification of the adolescents with Turkish migration background I describe especially a superior “national” categorization, mostly a “Turkish” one, especially an “Ottoman” or “Ataturkish”. Parents and adolescents from the same family do mostly agree on their identification. Functions of history and historical mediation are manifold. Central are the functions of “the right to exist” and “the international understanding”. The migration background plays again an important role. School and family differ fundamentally in their attributive functions concerning history and historical mediation and in the way of mediation: School is responsible for the functions of “the right to exist” and “the international understanding” and for the mediation of the Second World War, whereas family is responsible for the mediation of Turkish and emotionally significant history, which is allowed to lose in truthfulness for that purpose, and for the functions of “identity-making” and “establishment of values”. This work accomplishs to portray the identifications, the historical consciousness and the mediation by family and by school from the viewpoint of the interviewed adolescents and parents with migration background, which gives information about how to reach adolescents and to what they are motivated or can be motivated. Possibilities and limitations of the mediation by family and school are characterized and options of transfer especially from family to school are worked out.

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School: Universitaet Bayreuth (Germany)
School Location: Germany
Source: DAI-C 81/4(E), Dissertation Abstracts International
Subjects: Ethnic studies, Cultural anthropology, Individual & family studies
Publication Number: 27600489
ISBN: 9781687902429
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