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Identifikation Synthetisch-Letaler Interaktionen mit dem Tumorsuppressor APC und Beeinflussung von MYC-Proteinmengen durch Translationsinhibition im Kolorektalen Karzinom
by Uthe, Friedrich Wilhelm, Ph.D., Bayerische Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet Wuerzburg (Germany), 2018, 118; 10990439
Abstract (Summary)

The tumorsupressor APC is mutated in initiating colorectal cancers. These mutations lead to an aberrant actiavation of the wnt-signaling pahtway and to further carcinogenic activities such as altered migration behaviour. The idea that novel dependencies upon previously expendable genes are generated through APC-mutations form the basis of this disseration. These so called synthetic lethal Genes were searched for harnessing a high content shRNA screen. We generated an isogenic cell system which was deviated from the colorectal cancer cell line SW480. These cells naturally express truncated APC. The generated system expresses a full-lenght allele upon doxycycline exposure. SW480 cells which are induced partially revert their malignancy. Ancorage independend growth is compromised and migration along a gradient of fetal calf serum is improved. The Decipher shRNA library was used for screening. It consists of 27.500 di erent shRNAs intefering with the activity of 5.000 genes which are potantially drugable. The two best candidates scoring as hits in the screen were EIF2B5 and BCL2L1. BCL2L1 was validated in a cooperating masterthesis and EIF2B5 could be validated in the course of this diseration. Following EIF2B5 depletion using di erent shRNA constructs, we were able to see di erential behaviour in pTRE-APC cells as well as in a second model system in which FL-APC was expressed constitutively. Interestingly an activation of the ER-Stress genes DDIT3 and splXBP1 can be seen after EIF2B5 depletion. These genes are repressed, when FL-APC ist expressed. The EIF2B5 promotor has a MYC-binding site and we speculate, that FL-APC expression induces a genetic program which represses EIF2B5 on the one hand, however prohibits the ER-Stress reaction which follows this trigger. Inhibtion of EIF2B5 without this global adaption in genexpression on the other side initiates UPR-mediated apoptosis. In a second project, the suprising behaviour of colon carcinoma cell lines, which upregulate MYC upon BEZ235 exposure was examined. The dual inhibitor was thought to downregulate MYC through its PI3K and mTOR inhibitory acitivites which were thought to destabilise and MYC and prohibit it's expression, respectively. Whereas former work could demonstrate a FOXO-mediated, MAPK-dependend positive MYC-gene expression clue the aim of this thesis was to analyse the expecte protein tranlational inhibition. Indeed, BEZ235 inhibits CAP-dependend translation, however the MYC protein is still translated through IRES-dependend translation. The eIF4A-inhibitor Silvestrol intervenes with both CAP- and IRES-dependend translation and can therefore reduce MYC protein levels

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Advisor: Eilers, Martin, Gaubatz, Stephan, Behrens, Jürgen
School: Bayerische Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet Wuerzburg (Germany)
School Location: Germany
Source: DAI-C 81/1(E), Dissertation Abstracts International
Subjects: Oncology
Keywords: Colorectal cancers
Publication Number: 10990439
ISBN: 9781392451410
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