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Vorstellungen von Geographielehrkräften über Schülervorstellungen und den Umgang mit ihnen in der Unterrichtspraxis
by Barthmann, Kati, Dr.Nat., Universitaet Bayreuth (Germany), 2018, 249; 10870155
Abstract (Summary)

In the last few years many studies on students‘ conceptions in geography lessons have been published (LUDWIGSBURG-LUZERNER BIBLIOGRAPHIE ZUR FORSCHUNG ÜBER ALLTAGSVORSTELLUNGEN IN DEN GEOWISSENSCHAFTEN 2011). However, in teacher professionalization research for geography empirical improving findings about geography teachers‘ beliefs on students’ conceptions and their own strategies on how to deal with them in normal teaching practice do not currently exist. The aim of this dissertation was to contribute to minimize this research gap. The results are of interest for teacher professionalization research, as they lead to treatment suggestions for designing training and further education concepts in all three stages of geography teacher training. The educational guidelines are based on the theoretical model of didactical reconstruction according to KATTMANN, DUIT, GROPENGIEßER & KORMOREK (1997, 2013). As a theoretical framework for the entire study, the model of professional management competency according to BAUMERT & KUNTER (2006) was chosen. In its structure it contains pedagogical content knowledge as well as teachers‘ beliefs, which are significantly influenced, inter alia, by their subjective theories and epistemologically convictions about geographical teaching and learning. Teachers‘ beliefs on students‘ conceptions are especially shaped by the interaction between their pedagogical content knowledge and their convictions based on experience in addition to other factors like motivation or belief in self-efficacy. They become visible through the developed treatment strategies in the practice of geographical lessons. Consequently, teachers‘ beliefs are an important factor of teachers' "professional competence" (KIRCHNER 2016, S. 376). For gaining insights into the complex conceptual worlds of geography teachers about students‘ conceptions, 17 geography teachers from Bavarian secondary schools of both types (Realschule and Gymnasium) have been questioned about their beliefs in problem-focused interviews (GLÄSER & LAUDEL 2016; WITZEL 2000) during an explorative, qualitative study. The number of questioned teachers was based on the principle of theoretical saturation (GLASER & STRAUSS 2010) The principle of maximum variation sampling determined the selection of interviewees by defining personal parameters like seniority, combination of subjects, type of school and function. The qualitative content analysis (MAYRING 2002, 2015; NIEBERT & GROPENGIEßER 2014) was used as instrument for the data analysis. The first steps of evaluation were computer-based with the help of the evaluation software MAXQDA. A result of the study is that the work experience of geography teachers is not sufficient to develop strategies for dealing with students‘ conceptions. Regarding their importance, students‘ conceptions are evaluated ambivalently: as a learning chance and as a learning obstacle. The beliefs of the teachers questioned how to deal with students‘ conceptions in geography lessons are very similar, regardless of work experience. It shows that a constructivist dealing with students‘ conceptions has not been accepted yet. Teaching based on the classical conceptual-change approach (POSNER, STRIKE, HEWSON & GERTZOG 1982) is recognizable only in its beginnings. A further insight of the study shows that work experience of geography teachers alone is not enough to deal with students‘ conceptions in a proper, constructivist way. The lacking pedagogical content knowledge about students‘ conceptions is replaced, to a not insignificant degree, by deep rooted beliefs and values of teaching and learning. The modification of teachers‘ beliefs should be established firmly in all stages of teacher training, particularly in further teacher training. Furthermore, teacher trainings should concentrate on the reflective change of belief systems about dealing with students‘ conceptions in addition to the improvement of pedagogical content knowledge.

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School: Universitaet Bayreuth (Germany)
School Location: Germany
Source: DAI-C 81/1(E), Dissertation Abstracts International
Subjects: Pedagogy, Social studies education, Curriculum development
Keywords: Geography education
Publication Number: 10870155
ISBN: 9781088397770
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